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Listen in to this episode of The Middle School Years where Jennifer Conner and Mekhi Leaks talk about the importance of grooming habits for tweens

Grooming Habits, Important in Middle School

In this episode of The Middle School Years Podcast, Mekhi and I talking about grooming habits in middle school. I’m so amazed at how as a parent you have to tell your kids to take a bath. And truthfully, you have to tell both boys and girls this.

Mekhi often takes very long showers but before you think, “You know what he’s doing in there!”, he tells me in this episode. Now I know why our family water bill is so high. It’s the boy’s long showers!

You can take a bath if it soothes you. – Mekhi

In this episode, we’re breaking down healthy grooming habits for middle schoolers. Even the simplest habits can be a challenge, such as hair combing and brushing your teeth before you go to bed. Why do kids not like to brush at night? Hmmm.

Some of Mekhi’s grooming advice has me laughing so hard. It really took me by surprise. You don’t want to miss what he says.

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Let’s get to it.

Click the play button and listen in as Mekhi and I chat about the importance of grooming in middle school then tell us your biggest aha from this episode.

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Let me know in the comments section below. Us mamas are on this journey together. Your aha may help another mom. I’m reading each comment!

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jennifer conner career and identity coach

HI! I’m Jennifer. Wife to Ronald. Mom to preteen, Mekhi and 8-year old Ayden. I’m a fam-focused, faith-filled, purpose-driven everyday girlfriend navigating life in the middle. I believe in purposeful pause and reflection ’cause sometimes you gotta slow down to gain perspective. And perspective is just what I’m sharing with other M.O.Ms (moms of middle schoolers).

Preteen, Ronald Mekhi Leaks III

Hi, I’m Mekhi and I’m 11 years old. I enjoy playing basketball, reading long novels, and pestering my sister. Some people call me a jokester but I’m just a naturally funny dude. My mom always says, “Be a kid as long as you can.” It’s kinda hard when everyone expects you to be so mature and grown up. But, I’m taking it one day at a time.


  • What does grooming mean, especially boys
  • Mekhi’s advice on bathing



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