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Check out this episode of The Middle School Years Podcast with Monica Boeru, The Parent Teen Whisperer where she talks about positive parenting. You can learn more about Monica at www.monicaboeru.com and be sure to take the Parenting Style Quiz while you’re there.

Creating a Bridge Using Positive Parenting with Monica Boeru, The Parent-Teen Whisperer

Are you familiar with positive parenting?  Well, today’s guest on The Middle School Years Podcast is Monica Boeru, Certified Life Coach, Parent Educator and stepmom to a 10-year old son.  Monica is dishing about creating a bridge using Positive and Conscious Parenting. If you’re new to Positive Parenting, listen in as Monica breaks it down in simple terms. It’s about the need to belong and to feel significant.  And, we all want that, right!?

Monica also shares about parenting an emotionally intelligent preteen boy and how we can help our kiddos tap into their own level of self-awareness through leading by example. You’ll want to check out the Parenting Style Quiz on Monica’s website and learn your unique style. We become better parents by knowing ourselves.

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Monica and I also chat about expecting honesty from our kiddos and the power of vulnerability. If you’re a Brene Brown fan, then this will perk up your ears.

Let’s get to it.

Sit back, earphones on, and click play. You’re going to enjoy today’s episode.

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Monica is a Certified Life Coach and a Parent Educator. Through private coaching, online courses, and support groups, she guides parents to transform their parenting style so they can deepen their relationship with their children. She helps families break down barriers that keep them disconnected and combines eastern philosophies with modern methods to create an environment in which parents and children are respected and valued.


  • What is Positive Parenting?
  • How parents can model the behavior we expect from our kiddos.
  • The importance of paying attention to your parenting style.
  • Why parenting needs a facelift.
  • The seduction of short-term parenting.



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