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Listen in to this episode of The Middle School Years where Jennifer Conner and Mekhi Leaks share systems and strategies to keeping up with homework in middle school.

Systems and Strategies to Keeping Up with Homework

In this episode of The Middle School Years Podcast, Mekhi and I sharing systems and strategies for keeping up with homework. I love how Mekhi is reflecting on what he learned about keeping up with homework assignments in the first year of middle school and we talk through ways that he can be better prepared for the next school year.

Mekhi’s answer to my question about how he was keeping up with his homework was a simple, “My mind.”

Spoken like a true tween.

But, so unacceptable…because it didn’t work for him.

I’m not an advocate for micromanaging my middle schooler. I strongly believe that this is the time that they are learning from their mistakes in a safe environment. So, I didn’t micromanage Mekhi with his homework. Now, good, bad, or whatever, I learned that as a parent, we need to stay close to them in the early years of middle school.

A few systems we set up were:

  • Parent homework check
  • Creating a special place for your homework
  • Habit Tracker

Mekhi’s best advice to kiddos entering middle school for the first year about keeping up with homework is, “Find what works for you.”

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Let’s get to it.

Click the play button and listen in as Mekhi and I chat about the homework in middle school then tell us your biggest aha from this episode.

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Let me know in the comments section below. Us mamas are on this journey together. Your aha may help another mom. I’m reading each comment!

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BIG hugs,

jennifer conner career and identity coach

HI! I’m Jennifer. Wife to Ronald. Mom to preteen, Mekhi and 8-year old Ayden. I’m a fam-focused, faith-filled, purpose-driven everyday girlfriend navigating life in the middle. I believe in purposeful pause and reflection ’cause sometimes you gotta slow down to gain perspective. And perspective is just what I’m sharing with other M.O.Ms (moms of middle schoolers).

Preteen, Ronald Mekhi Leaks III

Hi, I’m Mekhi and I’m 11 years old. I enjoy playing basketball, reading long novels, and pestering my sister. Some people call me a jokester but I’m just a naturally funny dude. My mom always says, “Be a kid as long as you can.” It’s kinda hard when everyone expects you to be so mature and grown up. But, I’m taking it one day at a time.


  • Mekhi’s tips on tracking homework assignment
  • Simple advice about keeping up with homework
  • Know when to pivot when your current system isn’t working for your kiddo



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